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Fringe Finishes for Your Woven Fabric

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Finishing Techniques for Weavers with Sara Bixler

For most of us as weavers the greatest joy comes from the actually weaving of our piece followed by the pulling it off the loom, but for many the fun stops there. Left with the decision as to how to finish the piece some become indecisive, frustrated or feeling inadequate lacking the skills to complete the project. These projects may simply get finished with the go to overhand knots we learned in beginning weaving, or for a sad few may sit on a shelf or in a drawer until a day comes where you're ready to tackle them all at once. This webinar will help highlight some interesting and simple techniques you can utilize to finish your handwoven fabrics so they are show off ready minutes after pulling them off the loom.

Sara will take you through the decision making process when finishing your handwoven pieces to find just the right finish for your individual project. Students will be taken through the step by step process covering all techniques to help you finish everything from your handwoven scarves to rugs such as fringe finishes, hemming techniques and decorative additions such as beads. Stop delaying finishing your woven pieces, and join Sara for full repertoire of finishing techniques. 

What You'll Learn:

  • Fringe finishes from overhand knots to Mexican Lace Fringe
  • Protectors such as twisted fringe and braids
  • How to roll a hem for blankets, towels and rugs
  • How to eliminate fringe all together!
  • Proper washing and care instruction.

Who Should Attend?

  • Weavers in all levels of weaving experience.
  • Weavers in need of assistance in finishing their handwoven pieces.
  • Weavers who have experienced angst over choosing the correct finish for their finished project.
  • Weavers looking for tools to aid in the finishing process when working with handwoven pieces.
  • Weavers wanting more control in the finishing process, rather than being surprised or disappointed at the end.


Sara Bixler is one of the resident weaving instructors at the Mannings Handweaving School in East Berlin, Pennsylvania. She holds her degrees in Art Education and Fine Arts from Edinboro University. Her wide-ranging knowledge and love of weaving she gives credit to her father, weaver and instructor Tom Knisely who has been encouraging her artistic ventures since early childhood. Sara's personal passion is color; how it influences our world, all things that reside in it and how we identify with it.


Author/Designer: Sara Bixler