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Handwoven's Master Weaver Collection: Favorite Projects and Lessons from Robyn Spady eBook

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Join master weaver Robyn Spady in this project eBook.
You will love this product if:
  • You enjoy weaving projects from teacher and designer Robyn Spady
  • You are looking for great projects that incorporate twill, doubleweave, basketweave, and other great weaving structures
  • You enjoy weaving dish towels, pillows, and bags
Robyn Spady has a gift for making the intricacies of weaving clear and simple. She is a lifelong weaver from a family of weavers, and weaving seems to come to her as naturally as breathing. Yet her keen analytical mind and ceaseless curiosity continue to drive her to new discoveries about color and texture, structure and pattern, and clever tricks and tools to make our weaving easier and more successful. The projects in this eBook reflect the range of insights that Robyn brings to her teaching and writing, from the surprising potential of simple weaves to the basics of fabric analysis. May they inspire you to new discoveries as well.
In this eBook you will find an abundance of projects to weave, but you will also get Robyn Spady's Fabric Analysis 101 and 102, where she gives an indepth look at analyzing and deconstructing commercial fabrics to learn how they are made. She offer's you the tools to replicate a piece of cloth that is already finished by figuring out the weave structure used to create it.


Twill and Basketweave Stripes of Four Shafts
Robyn Spady [4 shafts]

Generational Dish Towels
Robyn Spady [4 shafts]

4-shaft M-and-W Twill Dish Towels
Robyn Spady [4 shafts]

Fabric Analysis 101
Robyn Spady [4 shafts]

Fabric Analysis 102
Robyn Spady [4-8 shafts]

Twill Color Gamp
Robyn Spady [4 shafts]

Striped Corduroy Throw Pillows
Robyn Spady [4 shafts]

Two Blocks of Doubleweave
Robyn Spady [4 shafts]

Saving the World a Thread at a Time—Hemp Towels
Robyn Spady [8 shafts]

Small-Scale Velvet for an Evening Bag
Robyn Spady [4 shafts]

Author/Designer: Robyn Spady