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Easy Weaving with Little Looms Spring 2024

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Squares and rectangles make up many popular and timeless patterns in weaving; plaids, gingham, log cabin, and so many others are beloved by weavers worldwide.  Not only are they simple to weave on any loom, but they are also endlessly versatile. So, for this issue of Easy Weaving with Little Looms, we’re exploring many ways weavers can highlight and celebrate the right angle in weaving.

Some patterns draw from classic designs, including a chic plaid scarf, a pin-loom woven argyle purse, and patterned gamp towels inspired by spring blooms. Other weavers chose to explore the theme through different means, including a krokbragd runner in modern colors, a crammed-and-spaced scarf perfect for spring, and a Celtic knot inspired pin-loom blanket. This issue also features a special section of handwoven game boards, including an inkle-woven chessboard fit for a king. 

Our articles also stay on theme with a feature on the history of Scottish tartan, another on how to beat squarely and evenly on rigid-heddle and inkle looms, and a deep dive into the different methods of weaving plaids on pin looms. Claudia Chase and Elena Kawachi continue their series on tapestry weaving, this time focusing on meet-and-separate and split-weft weaving—and include a small project perfect for practicing what you’ve learned. There’s so much to learn and weave in this issue of Easy Weaving with Little Looms that proves it’s hip to be square.




  • Tartan by Rose James
  • Excerpt: Adorable Beasts Sloth by Meg Stump
  • The Beat Goes On by Elisabeth Hill
  • Pin-Loom Plaids and Checks by Gabi van Tassell
  • Tapestry Weaving on Opposite Directions by Claudia Chase and Elena Kawachi


  • Celtic Square Baby Blanket by Anthony Thompson (pin loom)
  • Modular Block Runner by Sara C. Bixler (rigid heddle)
  • Tumbling Blocks Blanket by Malynda Allen (rigid heddle)
  • Fashion Plaid Wrap by Sara Goldenberg White (rigid heddle)
  • A Quilter’s Scarf by Gabi van Tassell (pin loom)
  • Sunshine on Your Shoulders by Shilpa Nagarkar (rigid heddle)
  • Spring Forward Towels by Michele Marshall (rigid heddle)
  • Blooms on Blue Runner by Kelly Casanova (rigid heddle)
  • Tabletop Pop by Yvonne Ellsworth (rigid heddle)
  • Escher Placemats by Michele Marshall (rigid heddle)
  • Pin-Loom Patchwork Bag by Margaret Stump (pin loom)
  • Checkers to Go by Katherine Augustine (pin loom)
  • Noughts and Crosses by Angela K. Schneider (pin loom)
  • Royal Chessboard by Joan Sheridan (inkle)
  • Lilacs and Lace by Rachel Simmons (rigid heddle)
  • Tiny Trinket Boxes by Margaret Stump (pin loom)
  • Argyle Purse by Deborah Bagley (pin loom)
  • Lovely Leno Scarf by Blanca De La Sotilla (rigid heddle)

Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors