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Drop Spinning 101 Video Download

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Access more than 140 video courses (including this one) with a Long Thread Media All Access subscription, bringing you up close to experts in spinning, weaving, needleworking, felting, and dyeing. View Drop Spinning 101 on our streaming platform.

With this video, you will get an introduction to drop spindles. Drop spindles have been around for 20 thousand years, and was used long before the spinning wheel was invented 500-600 years ago. Anita Osterhaug lists a few reasons about why you should learn to spin on a spindle.

  • A drop spindle is proven technology. People have been using drop spindles to produce yarn and cloth for many, many years. It is a great way to produce a lot of yarn quickly and efficiently.
  • Drop spindles are portable and inexpensive. They allow you to spin where ever you go, and it's also a great way to connect with other textile artists from around the world.
  • Using a drop spindle is the traditional way to spin. By using one, you are keeping the tradition alive.

By the end of this video, you will have learned everything you need to know about using a drop spindle, a valuable skill to have as a spinner.

Download Drop Spinning 101 today!

Author/Designer: Anita Osterhaug