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Long Thread Media

Color Blanket for a Baby Weaving Pattern Download

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This is a lively and very practical piece of handwoven fabric. And what better way for a child to learn colors than from a beloved blanket? A "color blanket" is a sampler woven in warp stripes of different colors crossed by weft stripes of the same colors to form squares of each combination. The blanket can be made wider or narrower by adjusting the width of the white stripes or including additional colors

Structure: Overshot.
Number of Shafts Required: 4-Shaft Pattern Finished Dimensions: One hemmed blanket 31" by 46".
Yarn: Warp and tabby weft: 8/2 unmercerized cotton at 3,360 yd/ lb: 550 yd Deep Royal #51 (dark blue), 460 yd Light Red #29 (bright red), 475 yd Kelly Green #7 (bright green), 300 yd Gold #33 (dark yellow), 425 yd Bleached White. Pattern weft: 3/2 pearl cotton at 1,250 yd/lb, 745 yd white.
Notions: White sewing thread.
Warp Ends: 559.
Warp Length: 2½ yd (allows for take-up, shrinkage, and 30" loom waste).
Setts: EPI: 15 PPI: 26 (13 tabby, 13 pattern).
Width in the Reed: 373/10".
Take-Up and Shrinkage: 17% in width and length.
Originally Published: Handwoven, May/June 1993.