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Boundweave Projects: Weft-Faced Weaving for Beautiful Rugs eBook

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Most woven rugs are either warp-faced or weft-faced. Why? Because it is quite difficult to weave a balanced weave that will lay flat and that is thick and sturdy enough for hard use. In the case of boundweave, also called weft-faced weaving, the weft covers the warp entirely. There is no visible interaction between the warp and weft within the piece.

This distinguishing characteristic is the result of a wide warp sett in the reed and beating the weft firmly into place. Once you grasp those two tenets you will be well on your way to successfully weaving boundweave rugs.

To help you get started, we have compiled these five boundweave projects, all beautiful as they were woven, yet all very adaptable by you to fit your own aesthetic sense.


  • A Study in Color Leads to a Krokbragd Rug by Wendy Ross [3-shaft]
  • A Boundweave Rug by Tom Knisely [4-shaft]
  • Diamonds and Bars Twill Rug by Patricia Crane [4-shaft]
  • Inner Lights: A Contemporary Krokbragd by Judy Ness [3-shaft]
  • Vakker Mug Rugs by Anu Bhatia [3-shaft]