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Best of Handwoven: Scarves on Eight Shafts eBook

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Scarves on Eight Shafts: A Baker's Dozen+ is the fifth in our Best of Handwoven e-Projects collections. Gathered form over twenty-five years, here are more than thirteen of Handwoven's most striking scarves - from dressy to casual - in turned twill, shadow weave, huck, collapse, and more. A vibrant subtheme of this collection is making the most of structure and color. Projects were inspired by rainbows, Monet, poppies and delphiniums, stormy seas, the deserts of the Southwest, and sunsets. Dream of spring and summer colors as you weave away on winter days.


Water Lilies Scarf
Leslie Killeen

Polychrome Shadow-Weave Scarf
Susan Loring Wells

Stormy Sea Scarf
Vicki Tardy

Silk Scarf with a Supplementary Warp
Sharon Alderman

Honeycomb Scarf with Rainbow Stripes
Lynne Giles

Silk Scarf in Huck Lace
Dagmar Klos

Southwest-Inspired Scarves
Yvonne Stahl

Poppies and Delphiniums Scarf
Jean Scorgie

Rainbow Twill Scarf
Yvonne Stahl

Sunset Muffler
Nell Znamierowski

Silk Scarf with Twill Stripes
Sharon Alderman

Diced Plaid Scarf

StahlChenille Shadows Scarves
Marina O’Connor

Three Scarves in Outrageous Colors
Kathryn Wertenberger