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Long Thread Media

Best of Handwoven: Projects in Huck

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Best of Handwoven Presents:

Projects in Huck: 13 Lace Projects on Four & Eight Shafts

Huck lace, huck texture, huckaback—whatever you call this weave structure, you can’t help but love what it can do! 

Huck is characterized by small groups of threads that can produce either warp floats, weft floats, or plain weave. As simple as that sounds, the designs and textures huck can create are unbelievably varied and complex, even on four shafts. When float blocks alternate with plain-weave blocks (known as “huck texture”), lovely circles appear in the plain-weave blocks as the threads in the float blocks slide together.

Huck is well-suited to almost any fabric use (other than rugs!): in silks for scarves and garments, in linens and cottons for household textiles, and in wools for blankets and shawls. You’ll find huck projects for just about all of these in this book—and you’ll learn to create your own designs.

13 Projects included:

  • Lace Basics by Madelyn van der Hoogt
  • Designing Huck Lace by Madelyn van der Hoogt
  • Wool and Lace Poncho by Rita Hagenbruch
  • Bath Set in Comfy Cotton by Karen Tenney
  • Soy Silk Scarf by Tom Knisely with Lynette Beam
  • Huck Lace and Tencel by Kristin Kelley
  • Spot-Weave Scarf in Sock Yarn by Barbara Walker
  • Plaid Huck-Lace Table Runner by Win Shaw
  • Fourth of July Napkins by Helen Irwin
  • Country Tablecloth by Bryn Pinchin
  • Country Curtains by Connie La Lena
  • Learn with a Sampler by Lynn Tedder
  • Huck-Lace Tea Cloth by Laurie Autio
  • Bamboo Huck-Lace Shawl by Kate Lange-McKibben
  • Silk Huck-Lace Scarf by Dagmar Klos
  • Yarns for Weaving Huck Lace by Pattie Graver

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