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Best of Handwoven: Color! Everything a Weaver Needs to Know

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Whenever weavers are asked what aspect of weaving they need to learn more about, they say “Color.” Unless you were an Art major, chances are you received very little color theory in school. In weaving, it is not a single color that matters, but how colors work together. With this eBook, you will learn everything you could possibly need to know about color and which colors work well together. Plus, you will get 12 great projects to test your new color knowledge!


Complementary Napkins
Beth Ross Johnson [4 shafts]

Recognizing a Complement
Jean Scorgie [4 shafts]

Color Gamp in Overshot
Vicki Tardy [4 shafts]

Three Little Pigments
Kim Marie Bunke [8 shafts]

Rainbow Scarf
Laura Fry [4 shafts]

Paint a Rainbow
Tracy Kaestner [8 shafts]

Shadow-Weave Table Runner
Sarah Saulson [8 shafts]

Color with Overshot Blocks
Patricia Palson [4 shafts]

The Magic of Iridescence
Bobbie Irwin [4 shafts]

Color-Wheel Clock
John Janson [8 shafts]

Color in Summer and Winter
Anne Dixon [4-6 shafts]

Minuet in Color
Tracy Kaestner [4 shafts]

Millennium Scarf
Bonnie Tarses [8 shafts]

Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors