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Long Thread Media

Bamboo Shawl Weaving Pattern Download

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Using a familiar weave structure like shadow weave with a new yarn can add excitement to any project. Bambu 7 is a multistrand 100% bamboo yarn comparable in size to 5/2 pearl cotton. It has a wonderfully soft and drapable hand, comes in over 100 colors, and is just the right weight for a shawl. When the weather gets cooler, you’ll love its wrap-around warmth.

Structure: Shadow weave.
Equipment: 4-shaft loom: 25" weaving width; 10 or 15-dent reed, 2 shuttles; fringe twister (optional).
Finished Dimensions: One shawl 21.5" by 65" plus 6" fringe at each end.
Yarns: 100% bamboo yarn (2,100 yd/lb, Bambu 7, Cotton Clouds), 850 yd each Borage and Lime.
Warp Ends: 337 (alternating 1 Borage 1 Lime, beginning and ending with Borage).
Warp Length: 2.75 yd (allows 4" for take-up, 25" for loom waste; loom waste includes fringe).
Setts: EPI: 15. PPI: 15.
Width in the Reed: 24.5".
Take up and Shrinkage: 13% in width, 8% in length.
Originally Published: Handwoven, November/December 2006

Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors