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Baltic Hearts Tea Towels Weaving Pattern Download

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Baltic Hearts Tea Towels by Susan J. Foulkes

Learn all about the traditional bandweaving found in the Swedish province of Dalarna and then weave up a set of sweet 8-shaft towels with heart borders inspired by these traditional patterns and techniques.

For generations weavers in the Swedish province of Dalarna have woven exquisitely patterned bands for everything from trim for hats to belts and more with each village within the province having its own special traditions. In her stunning towels, weaver and researcher Susan J. Foulkes finds inspiration in these traditional techniques and motifs for her sweet 8-shaft Baltic Heart Tea Towels. These clever towels use a supplementary weft instead of pick-up to create the beautiful heart borders. You can also weave up and sew on a set of optional hanging tabs using the traditional pick-up techniques or enjoy your towels simply as is—either way you win!

Equipment Needed: 8-shaft loom with 26” weaving width; 10-dent reed; 2 shuttles, 4 bobbins.

Author/Designer: Susan Foulkes