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Long Thread Media

Baby Wrap to Fit a Man's Wardrobe Weaving Pattern Download

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Last year, Carl Friedlander became a grandfather for the first time. At his daughter-in-law's request, he wove a baby wrap carrier, based on her color selections, using plain weave. The bright colors and pattern suited her perfectly. Carl soon knew that he wanted a baby wrap carrier for himself, but with a more masculine appearance.

8-shaft shadow weave

Loom Type: 8-shaft loom

Finished Dimensions:
28" x 213"


20/2 mercerized pearl cotton (8,400 yd/lb; UKI), #000 white, 4,538 yd; #116 black, 4,538 yd.

20/2 mercerized pearl cotton, white, 3,460 yd; black, 3,460 yd.

Warp Ends:

Warp Length:
7½ yd. long


40 epi (4/dent in a 10-dent reed).

32 ppi

Width in the Reed: 30¼"

Take-up & Shrinkage: 8% in width and 9% in length.

Project originally published in Handwoven, March/April 2015

Author/Designer: Carl Friedlander