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Long Thread Media

A Rep Rug to Honor Cranbrook's Legacy Weaving Pattern Download

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This rug is woven in Cranbrook colors as a tribute to designers Saarinen and Earnes. Saarinen and Earnes designed some of the most recognized furniture of the mid-20th century after studying furniture design at Cranbrook.

Weave Structure:
Warp rep.

4-shaft loom, 38" weaving width
8-dent reed
1 rug or ski shuttle
1 boat shuttle

Warp: 8/4 cotton (1,600 yd/lb, The Mannings Handweaving School), Moody Blue, 1,800 yd; Grass, 504 yd; Forest Green, Dark Jade, and Myrtle Green, 432 yd each.
Thick weft; Mop cototn (420 yd/lb, The Mannings), 4 strands used as 1, Williamsburg Blue, 700 yd.
Thin weft; 8/4 cotton, Moody Blue, 400 yd. (In addition to hem and thin weft picks, amount given allows for weaving a thin weft with each thick weft pick.)

Warp Length:
1,200 ends 3 yd long following the warp color order provided (allows 17" for take-up, 35" for loom waste).

Warp: 32 epi (4/dent in an 8-dent reed).
Weft: 10 combined ppi 95 thick/5 thin ppi for body of rug; 16 ppi for hems.

Width in the reed: 37.5".
Woven length (measured under tension on the loom): 56".
Finished size: 1 hemmed rug 37.5" x 49".

Originally Published:
Handwoven magazine, March/April, 2015

Author/Designer: Tom Knisely