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A Lace Revival: 25 Vintage Edgings to Knit eBook

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Welcome to this special PieceWork publication with patterns selected from Weldon’s Practical Needlework, published in the late nineteenth century in London, and other vintage books, booklets, and magazines in the PieceWork collection. Regardless of the source, each is a treasure. Highlights of this eBook include:
  • Twenty-five edgings to knit.
  • This eBook is organized by the dates each pattern would have been available.
  • Some patterns are reproduced exactly as they were printed in the originals, several were translated into modern terminology, and charts replace the original written instructions in others.

Contents in this eBook include:

  • 1883–1920: Knitted Lace, Oak-Leaf Edging, Knitted Lace with Leaf, Rule 58 Lace Edging, Lace (mod. 8), Wide Edging No 1
  • 1886–1915: Star and Leaf Lace Edging, Japanese Edging, A Pretty Edging
  • 1887 and 1890: Trellis Border, Fleur- De-Lis Edging, Cherry-Leaf Border, Wide Point Lace Border, Willow Leaf Edging
  • 1894: Torchon Lace
  • Circa 1895: Mrs. Hastings Fan Edge
  • 1904: Twin Cable Border and Corner19 1907: Bird’s-Eye Lace
  • 1940s: No. 1: Wide Leaf Edging; No. 2: Narrow Leaf Edging; No. 3: Lacy Squares; No. 4: Lacy Stripes; No. 4162; No. 4163; No. 4165