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Spinning Luxury Fibers Volume 3: Undercoats Video Download

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Judith MacKenzie will show you how to spin a variety of undercoats from various animals in this video workshop. The amount of knowledge that Judith has about these fibers is astounding and will help you on your journey to spin them. She will discuss what an undercoat is, how you identify the optimal fiber for spinning from raw fleece, how to determine flaws that could hinder spinning, prepration techniques, spinning techniques, and more!

In this video, Judith MacKenzie covers the following different undercoats:

  • Yak
  • Bison
  • Cashmere
  • Qiviut.

Please note – this is one part of Spinning Luxury Fibers. If you’ve already purchased either the full video download or the DVD you will already have this segment. If you do not have the full version, please be aware that this is a standalone workshop and you will not miss any crucial information if you do not purchase the other two parts to the full series.

Author/Designer: Judith Mackenzie

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