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Weaving with Novelty Yarns Video Download

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In this video, master weaver, mythbuster, and yarn explorer Tom Knisely shows that weaving yarn doesn’t have to come on a cone, and that weaving with novelty yarns opens a whole new world of design possibilities for woven fabric.  

You’ll learn:

  • How to tell which yarns are right for warp
  • How to pair novelty yarns with other yarns to enhance durability
  • Tricks for designing, warping, and weaving with delicate or textured yarns
  • How to repair a broken thread quickly and cleanly
  • How to finish novelty fabrics
  • The best hemstitching trick you’ve ever seen!

Tom has spent his teaching and weaving career in a yarn shop, experimenting with every kind of yarn there is, and now you can reap the riches of his vast experience, his weaving wisdom, and his ever-present sense of fun. With Tom at your side, every delicious yarn in your stash or your local yarn shop will become fertile ground for your weaving imagination.

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Author/Designer: Tom Knisely

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