Bringing It All Together: Tools and Techniques for Plying Yarn On Demand Web SeminarImage

Bringing It All Together: Tools and Techniques for Plying Yarn On Demand Web Seminar

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You’ve got the singles spun, but now what? Stephenie Gaustad is here to answer that question. She will use this web Seminar to show you the techniques and tools that are needed to successfully ply two or more yarns together.

The techniques she will demonstrate include:

  • Crossing reel singles
  • Choosing a lazy kate that can tension the yarn, or using a gate to control overcasting the yarn
  • Plying your own leader
  • Twisting in the opposite direction the yarn was spun
  • “Hand over hand” feeding the yarn constantly into the wheel
  • Changing hooks frequently to keep level bobbin profile
  • Checking ply twist as yarn goes onto the bobbin, not in your hand

Equipment needed to get the most out of this webinar are:

  • A lazy kate
  • Two or more bobbins full of spun singles
  • A spinning wheel

About the Presenter: For decades Stephenie Gaustad has been committed to spinning yarn, making her living writing,teaching and working in the woodshop. Some of her work and teachings include contributions to Spin-Off magazine, Spinning Cotton workshop DVD with Interweave, and illustrating The Alden Amos Big Book of Handspinning (Interweave, 2001). She also will be teaching at SOAR 2013 with her class “Introduction to Cotton Spinning with Stephenie Gaustad” as well as releasing a new book in the spring of 2014, “The Practical Spinner’s Guide: Cotton, Flax, and Hemp” (Interweave). She and her husband/partner build textile tools and live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

Author/Designer: Stephenie Gaustad

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