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Long Thread Media

Spin Off Winter 2023

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The term “memory” can hold different meanings: to a spinner it means buoyancy and elasticity; to others, a recollection of the past. In this issue, explore how both definitions connect us to resilience. Learn how the body and brain work together through practice and the creation of habits. Experiment with crimp to create the perfect blend for your project. Spin meaningful remains of past projects into a batt with a lovely tweed effect. And read about the Canadian Production Wheels—and their makers—that carry memories through the span of time.

  • Spin a lofty Rambouillet with bounce and knit a Shetland shawl from Weldon’s.
  • Expand your crochet skills with a clever stitch and a cute buttoned-cowl project.
  • Use handspun scrap yarns and precious leftovers to knit a colorful pair of mittens.


    • Bits and Pieces: Using Special Scraps in New Blends by Alanna Wilcox
    • In Spite of the Titanic by Jess Hupp
    • Lani’s Lana: Sheep, Landscape, and Western Wool by Stephany Wilkes
    • India’s Vanishing Traditions: Spinning Camel with Nomadic Rabaris by Avani Varia
    • A Spinner’s Journey in Inkle Bands by Jeannine Glaves
    • Iron Age Inspiration: A Hallstatt Salt Mine Shawl by Berna Lowenstein
    • Blending for Bounce: Alpaca Mitts that Fit by Meagan Condon
    • Targhee: A Resilient Western Wool by Madeline Keller-King
    • Movement Science & Spinning Skills: Learning Good Habits, Unlearning Bad Habits by Amy Tyler
    • A Spinner’s Tussie Mussie: Preparing Eri Silk Sliver by Kim McKenna
    • Vindolanda’s Ancient Textile Finds by Kim Caulfield
    • Canadian Production Wheels: From Their Hands to Ours by Caroline Foty
    • A Handspun Weldon’s Shetland Shawl by Devin Helmen
    • Ilisha’s Mittens by Sivia Harding
    • Interlocking Buttoned Cowl by Connie Lee Lynch