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Spin Off, Winter 1986 Digital Edition

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There’s no shortage of fibers in this issue. Discover Corriedale, silk crepe, cotton, flax, cashgora, and even caribou! There’s also discussion of the benefits of overtwist and ways to ease a beginner’s fears. Projects include a warm wool sweater.

Table of Contents:
  • Is there American fleece in your future? by Ron and Teresa Parker
  • Spinning Teachers Extraordinaire by Deborah Chandler
  • Show and Tell
  • A cozy afghan by Debra Beetem
  • What the well-dressed baby will wear this season by Judy Green Davis
  • Spinning with down and knitting with feathers by Helen von Ammon
  • Reversible cardwoven hanging by Susan Bradshaw
  • Breeds of sheep for spinners: Corriedale by Signe Nickerson
  • Evolution of a project by Laurel de Grassi
  • Easing the beginner's fears by Bobbie Irwin
  • Ringlets and waves: undulations from overtwist by Mary Frame
  • From SOAR to Rendezvous by Dale Pettigrew
  • Experimenting with silk crepe by Celia Quinn
  • Confessions of a cotton spinner by Carol Clivio
  • The impatient spinner's way to spin flax by Carol Gordon
  • Profile: Spinning in Stehekin by Patricia Fridlund
  • A new fiber for spinners: Caribou by Robin Goodfellow & Keith Slater
  • A closer look at cashgora by Fran Presser
  • Editor's Desk
  • Letters
  • Guild News & Views
  • Calendar
  • Tips and Techniques
  • Product News
  • A Warm Wool Sweater by Marilyn Livingston
Author/Designer: Spin Off Editors

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