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Spin-Off, Summer 2014 Digital Edition

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Your Passport to a World of Fiber!

Spin-Off, Summer 2014

From dancing spinners in Peru to a silk adventure in Laos, this issue of Spin-Off Summer 2014 is your guide to spinning around the globe! Discover spinners who are just like you, thousands of miles away. This issue is packed full of adventure—what are you waiting for?

Table of Contents:

  • Behind the Scenes: A Conversation with Linda Ligon
  • Exiting Eden by Maggie Leininger
  • Back to the Future by Barbara Rimmer and Beatrice Keizers
  • Salamander Wool by Kathy Augustine
  • Forgotten Tradition by Christina Pappas
  • Thigh Spinning, A Living Tradition by Linda Ligon
  • A Journey to Tinkuy by Ercil Howard-Wroth
  • Pendulum Wheel by Peter Teal
  • Settling Sheep and Goats by Marianne Guckelsberger and Robin Russo
  • A Day in the Life of a Lao Silk Farm Worker by Coleen Nimetz
  • Uzbekistan by Hat by Sarah Wroot
  • Norwegian Embroidered Handcoverings by Kate Larson 
  • Vest of Voices by Jeannine Glaves

Projects Included:

  • Telemark Rose Gloves by Kate Larson
  • Grand Tour Wrap by Anne Podlesak
  • Knitter’s Satchel by Kathryn Alexander

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Author/Designer: Spin Off Editors