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Spin-Off, Summer 2013 Digital Edition

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The History of Spinning Comes Alive in This Issue of Spin-Off Magazine!

The theme of this issue is history. Spinning’s past is old, but the stories and inspiration that come from it are fresh and intriguing. There are more than a few fascinating topics covered in this issue.


The feature articles of Spin-Off Summer 2013 let you:

  • Discover spindle spinners of the Postcard Golden Age with some beautiful examples
  • Learn the intriguing history and creation of spindle whorls from across the world
  • Meet Florence Feldman-Wood shares her story about The Spinning Wheel Sleuth, her go-to publication for information about rare and antique wheels
  • Understand the spinning tools that were simultaneously a result and a cause of the Industrial Revolution
  • Follow the restoration process for the Jane Austen House Museum spinning wheel
  • Learn how Louie Garcia is preserving traditional cotton spinning and weaving techniques
  • And more!


There’s also an interesting feature on the ancient textile technique of sprang, a form of braiding that forms a flexible, woven cloth. There’s a great feature about George Washington’s silk sprang sash as well as a handspun sprang gallery.


The fun doesn’t stop there. Get great spinning how-to filled with history, such as:

  • Adding twist in yarns for weaving
  • Spindle spinning techniques from the Blackfoot people
  • Spinning cotton to create sewing thread
  • Creating and weaving on a warp-weighted loom just as many weavers in the past

Plus, there are great projects to be found in this issue, such as an officer’s sprang sash, a Hyde Park Stole, a baby beanie fit for a prince (inspired by Prince William’s and the Duchess of Cambridge’s, Kate Middleton, expected baby), and two handknit collars that recall the time period between the 1860s and 1950s.


There is so much history to explore in this issue! Don’t miss out on the fascinating stories, the wonderful reenactments, and the inspiring projects. Get your copy today!

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Spin-Off Magazine Summer 2013: History of Spinning

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