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Spin-Off Presents: Handspun, Handwoven eBook

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Are you tired of hanging skeins? Of not knowing what to do with your handspun yarn? This eBook provides you with multiple ideas to utilize your beautiful yarn. You don’t need specialized equipment or expensive looms to tackle these projects, either. The eBook is filled with pictures and step-by-step instructions so that even a beginner spinner can learn and have fun. As the eBook goes on, however, it does become more advanced, appealing to the more experienced weaver as well.

Weave a twined bag, but also create the twining frame! Design a beautiful Soumak tapestry, with the scale and difficulty of the project being up to your discretion. Test your skills with the Kuvikas tapestry and create historical drawings into your weaving.

Most of the projects don’t require more than several ounces of yarn, so if you are an experienced spinner sitting on a large collection of yarn, look no further than this eBook to put it to use!

Discover 9 Projects in this eBook:

  • Lincoln Leash
  • Inkle-Woven Handbag
  • Warp Yarn
  • Yak Scarf
  • Bamboo Scarf
  • Portland Scarf
  • Weft-Faced Twined Bags
  • Soumak Tapestry
  • Finnish Kuvikas Tapestry

You would Like this eBook If:

  • You are a spinner
  • Curious to try weaving
  • Yearning to use your yarn
  • Love affordability and simplicity
  • Enjoy variety in your projects
  • Enjoy learning new techniques and skills
  • Wanting multiple options within a project •
  • Looking to expand your weaving skills

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Author/Designer: Spin Off Editors