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Spin-Off, Fall 2013 Digital Edition

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Our Fall 2013 issue of Spin-Off magazine has a special focus on the spinning tools we spinners love.

Our authors have shared stories of the spinning tools they’ve loved:

  • Elizabeth Fahey tells the tale of spinning wheel maker Norm Hall
  • Peter Teal delves into his discoveries about wool combs in the 1960s that brought them back into spinning practice
  • Judith Helton went to great lengths—traveling through time and space—to learn the back-story of the antique spinning wheel she purchased from a thrift store
  • Debbie Ellis had a chance to spin on Mahatma Gandhi’s charkha
  • Marion Wheatland took her spinning wheel to Antarctica for a special project to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Sir Douglas Mawson’s Australian Antarctic Expedition

There are also spinning tips on how to use your tools better, from how to stop a spindle from wobbling, to how to use a flick carder, to how to adjust your spinning wheel so that you can spin fine yarns.

And if you are looking for a spinning wheel, this issue includes an updated and expanded Great Wheel Roundup complete with most commercial spinning wheels and their stats.

Author/Designer: Spin Off Editors