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Spin-Off: Essentials of Handcarding eBook

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Spin-Off: Essentials of Handcarding

eBook | 19 pages

Looking for a way to build on your carding skills? This eBook was designed with you in mind!

 With these articles from some of Spin-Off’s most distinguished contributors, you can turn your carding experience from confusing to confident. Find basic step-by-step directions to make batts, rolags, and rovings with handcards. Learn to break in your handcards so they’ll work better than ever. Discover techniques for carding cotton that will make spinning it a pleasure. Discover how a blending board—which looks like a single oversized handcard—can help you card for texture and color. 

Contents include:

  • Basic Principles of Hand Carding by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts
  • Conditioning Hand Cards by Beverly Nissen
  • Carding Cotton by Beverly Nissen
  • Spinner's Question: Tools for Processing by Rita Buchanan
  • Carding on a Blending Board by Gwen Powell

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Author/Designer: Spin Off Editors