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Long Thread Media

PieceWork Fall 2020

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Makers from the past often had to mend and make do with available materials to stretch the life span of treasured textiles. The Fall 2020 issue of PieceWork celebrates their thrift and creativity. Learn how flour-sack cloth became popular in the United States during the early twentieth century.
Explore the history of the colorful mends that are stitched into the pages of some Medieval manuscripts. Plus, Franklin Habit shares the humble beginnings of his vintage tool collection, a darning egg.
  • Learn the history of a once common, everyday knitted cap worn by peasant men on a Baltic island.
  • Peel back the layers of recycled sarees to uncover the history of ledra quilts in India.
  • Travel to the Balkans and discover the costume worn by Greek shepherding women.
Plus, six projects to knit and stitch.


Author/Designer: PieceWork Editors