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Natural Shibori: Arashi Video Download

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Shibori is the art of squeezing fabric while dyeing to create a pattern. While the word comes from Japan, this beautiful form of tied-resist dyeing is found through history, in cultures throughout the world, and in today’s fashion fabrics.

The arashi (Japanese for “rain”) shibori technique creates striking yet serene designs that can enhance your wardrobe or décor. In this video, artist and teacher Elizabeth McTear teaches everything you need to know to start exploring this fun and versatile art.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • How to select fabrics and materials for arashi shibori
  • Tying techniques to create different arashi designs
  • How to prepare a dye vat using eco-friendly dyes
  • How to finish your dyed fabric
  • Safety tips for dyeing and for disposing of a finished dye vat

Beth’s enthusiasm is infectious, and with her clear instructions and helpful hints, you’ll soon be setting out on your own shibori dyeing adventures.

About the instructor: As the daughter of a quilter and granddaughter of an embroiderer, Elizabeth was surrounded by textiles growing up. While earning her BFA at Moore College of Art and Design, Elizabeth learned about a vast array of textile traditions, sparking her interest in Mali tribal designs, Japanese traditions, and Scandinavian design - all points of reference in her work today. After graduation, Elizabeth started working with natural dyes as a way to marry her degree with her love of nature. To this day, the natural world serves as the greatest driving force behind her company Honest Alchemy. Through planting a natural dye garden and foraging materials in her community, Elizabeth explores and celebrates themes like the changing of the seasons and that natural cycle of plants, while working to make Honest Alchemy as eco-friendly as possible.

Running Time: 35 minutes

Author/Designer: Elizabeth McTear