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Natural Dye Series: Exploring Palettes from Fresh-Leaf Indigo, Madder & Woad eBook

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This collection in Spin Off's Natural Dye series includes three articles written by experienced natural dyers sharing their deep dives into specific dyestuffs.

Often, we talk about expanding naturally dyed palettes by using multiple dyes, but these three articles show how to begin to capture all the colors that might be gleaned from just one plant. Explore how Japanese indigo results in yellow, greens, blues, and purples. Discover the color variations achieved using madder dyes on cotton vs. wool. And see how using the indigo method and traditional dyeing method bring out an amazing array of colors from woad.

This collection includes:

  • “A Primary Palette from Fresh-Leaf Japanese Indigo” by Eileen Hallman
  • “Getting to the Root of the Madder” by Jane Woodhouse
  • “Adventures with Woad” by Gayle Vallance

There is a lot of information in these articles, but there is so much more to explore. We hope you are inspired to jump in with both feet!