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Monograms from Weldon's eBook

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Weldon’s Practical Monograms to Embroider, Cross-Stitch, and Knit

PieceWork magazine is pleased to present this exact reproduction from Weldon’s Practical Needlework, Volumes 8 and 9 (neither alterations nor corrections were made to the originals, which were published in 1893 and 1894, respectively).

We have reproduced for you here the monogram material for embroidery, appliqué, and cross-stitch, along with knitting. You’ll be able to put your “mark” everywhere! Embroidered Monograms & Initials includes detailed information on how to transfer the designs to the material and a wide variety of examples from a single satin-stitched letter to embellished letters in chain stitch. There’s even an embroidered signature.

For knitting, you’ll find complete instructions for capital and “small” letters, figures and “small figures,” and “clox.” About clox, Weldon’s says: “The appearance of socks and stockings can be very much improved by the addition of clox on both sides of the ankle, extending upwards from the foot to a height of from three inches to five inches in the similitude of a spray or feather; the former height is appropriate for a gentleman’s sock, the latter for a lady’s stocking. Clox may be knitted with silk of some bright colour to contrast well against the wool with which the stocking is knitted, or they may be embroidered in satin stitch and other fancy stitches after the stocking is finished.”