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Master Weaver Collection: Favorite Projects and Lessons from Tom Knisely eBook

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Expanded and Updated! Get weaving lessons from master weaver and teacher Tom Knisely!

"Tom Knisely makes gorgeous weaving look and feel easy. His uncanny ability to boil every aspect of weaving down to its simplest essence is what has made him one of the most beloved weaving teachers in America and a Handwoven Teacher of the Year. In his own weaving designs, Tom also captures the essence of historical weaves and the inherent beauty of simple, classic materials. His passion for his craft and his enthusiasm for its history and figure are contagious."-Anita Osterhaug, Handwoven Editor.

Have you always wanted to do more with your weaving, but haven’t been able to find that perfect teacher? Look no further! Tom Knisely is a wonderful teacher who offers clear and concise weaving tips and techniques.

Tom is known for his instruction at The Mannings Handweaving School as well as his popular workshops The Loom Owner’s Companion and Weave a Good Rug. One of his specialties (as well as favorite projects) is weaving rugs and he shares his love in the articles and projects featured in these pages.

You will get full instructions for 13 rug weaving projects and 2 informative articles:

  • A Boundweave Rug
  • A Two-Sided Rag Rug
  • Checkerboard Twill Rug by Tom Knisely
  • Getting Started with Warp Rep
  • Checkerboard Rug in Warp Rep
  • Weft Rep Table Runner
  • Overshot for Rugs
  • Gift to Be Simple Rag Rugs
  • A Not Quite Weft-Faced Rug
  • Rainbow Rug
  • The Chief’s Rug
  • Wandering Vine Table Runner
  • Tribute to Cranbrook: A warp-rep Rug
  • Making a shaft-switching device
  • Tips for Planning, Hemstitching, and Fringing

Tom also offers great advice for making a simple shaft switching device. This device allows you to switch the warp threads from shaft 3 to shaft 4 or vice versa without having to cut or untie threads anyway. It’s an ingenious device that can give you limitless possibilities when working with weaving designs. Plus, get tips for planning, hemstitching, and fringing!

Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors