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life after warping

Handwoven Presents:

Life After Warping:
Weaving Well on Your Rigid-Heddle Loom
with Liz Gipson


The rigid-heddle loom is simple to warp, portable, and ideal for making cloth fast! With her “Weave more and fuss less” philosophy, Liz Gipson will show you the fun you can have making cloth for everything from scarves and towels to blankets, and even garments.


In this weaving workshop, Liz will show you:

  • How to choose the right shuttles and other weaving tools
  • How to set up for comfortable weaving
  • Weaving techniques for tidy selvedges and neat color transitions
  • Easy ways to handle broken warp threads or tension problems
  • Finishing techniques, from hemstitching to fringe
  • How to wet-finish your fabric
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This weaving workshop is available on DVD or as a

video download in standard or high definition

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This video also includes a free lovely blanket project to get you started using all your new weaving skills.


With Liz’s expert instruction and calm enthusiasm, you and your loom will soon be turning out beautiful cloth for every purpose you can imagine.




Order your copy of Life After Warping: Weaving Well on Your Rigid-Heddle Loom with Liz Gipson!

This weaving workshop is available on DVD or as an instant video download in standard or high definition.

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Liz Gipson loves simple weaves with fancy finishes. She is the founder of Yarnworker, a source for rigid-heddle patterns and know-how, the author of Weaving Made Easy (Interweave, 2008) and the star of Slots and Holes: 3 Ways to Warp Your Rigid-Heddle Loom (Interweave, 2011). She has served as Managing Editor of Handwoven and SpinOff magazines. A veteran of DIY television, she lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.


 If you'd like to purchase the streaming version of this video, please visit: Life After Warping

Author/Designer: Liz Lipson

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