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Knitting Traditions, Winter 2011 Digital Edition

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From Africa and Egypt to Europe and America, Knitting Traditions takes you around the world and across the centuries to spotlight knitting's rich historical context.

In this colorful, project-packed second edition, readers will learn how to shag mittens, follow in the footsteps of knitters from ancient civilizations to today's top designers, discover one method practiced in cultures as diverse as Andean and Portuguese, examine exquisite 18-century knitted carpets, explore the life of a Victorian knitwear designer, and 19th-century outlaws who knitted lace while serving prison terms.

This special second edition is chock-full of 45 projects knitters will love!

You'll explore lace, color, texture, and the timeless beauty of knitting with:

    Projects from around the world- including Latvian fingerless mitts, and a Morroccan-inspired     felted and embroidered backpack.

    Techniques- the story behind some of knitting's more obscure techniques, such as--to cite only two--haute couture designer Elsa Schiaparelli's "Armenian knitting" and shagging, and a New England knitters' method of adding resilience and warmth to mittens and gloves.

    Mittens galore- including colorwork mittens from Paistu, Estonia and Rosesaum mittens of Norway.

    And so much more!