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Long Thread Media

Keep it Simple Towels Weaving Pattern Download

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These lovely towels are easy to weave and use inexpensive materials. Put on a long warp so you can make towels for your own kitchen as well as some for gifts. With a white warp, you can weave each towel in a different weft color to match many different kitchen decors (white on white is wonderful, too!). The towels dry dishes well (a must!), do not need ironing (honest!), and the simple checked design suits every kitchen.

Structure: A variation of huck.
Finished Dimensions: Four hemmed towels, 20" by 30" each.
Yarns: Warp: 8/2 cotton at 3,360 yd/lb, 2,778 yd white. Weft: same as warp, light blue for the towel shown here, 3,000 yd for four towels; allow 750 yd per towel.
Notions: Matching white or light blue sewing thread.
Warp Ends: 490.
Warp Length: 52/3 yd for four towels (allows 8" for take-up and 28" for loom waste). Allow 44" warp length for each additional towel.
Setts: EPI: 20. PPI: 24.
Width in the Reed: 24 4/5".
Woven Length: 168" (42" per towel).
Take up and Shrinkage: 15% in width and 30% in length.
Originally Published: Handwoven, Summer 1985

Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors