Handwoven Special Pattern Collection: 5 Towels on 4-ShaftsImage

Handwoven Special Pattern Collection: 5 Towels on 4-Shafts

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For weavers, towels offer a blank canvas for experimenting with color and weave structure. They are also the perfect item to weave for gifts. Everyone loves receiving handwoven towels; your biggest job will be getting your recipients to use them instead of “saving” them. You’ll love weaving this small collection of colorful towels, all on four shafts, and you or your lucky gift recipient will love using them even more.

Projects include:

  • Twill and Basketweave Towels by Robyn Spady
  • Bertha's Towels by Pattie Graver
  • Spring Bouquet Towels by Laura Fry
  • Summer and Winter Towels by Sarah H. Jackson
  • Advancing & M-and-W Twill Towels by Robyn Spady

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