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Handwoven November/December 2021

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Take a step (or a leap, as the case may be) out of the box with this issue of Handwoven celebrating weaving that deflects out of the woven grid. Whether it’s a function of weave structure or yarn composition, the threads in all 12 projects curve and twist during wet-finishing, whether it’s a lot or a little, and many of the projects differ from one side to the other. Two technique articles expand on the deflection theme, one by Yvonne Ellsworth about dyeing a warp and weaving a scarf to mimic a doubleknit piece, and a Traditions article by Phyllis Miller on weaving sashiko-style patterns to pair with a treasured piece of kimono silk. Our new article series, Best Practices, by Susan Bateman and Melissa Parsons gives tips for better warping, and Tom Knisely in Notes from the Fell looks at different ways of keeping weaving records—some of which may surprise you. The Spotlight is on a young man, Nevan Carling, intent on studying and restoring antique looms, and for the Yarn Lab Elisabeth Hill puts three fine yarns into deflecting structures with great results. The issue wraps up with an essay by Janney Simpson about her own winding path to using deflection in her beautiful scarves and shawls.



  • Sawtooth Stripe Pillows by Angela K. Schneider (4-shaft)
  • Shadow Play Kitchen Towels by Barbara Goudsmit (4-shaft)
  • Take Your Turn by Liz Moncrief (4-shaft)
  • Reflecting Pool Bed Runner by Christine Jablonski (4-shaft)
  • Honeycomb Throw by Marcia Kooistra (8-shaft)
  • Blue Circling Embers by Annette Swan Schipf (8-shaft)
  • Bumple Scarf by Nancy Peck (rigid heddle, 2- and 4-shaft)
  • Clouds of Alpaca Scarf by Susannah Day (4-shaft)
  • Hashtag Deflected Doubleweave by Jill Staubitz (8-shaft)
  • O’ So Beautiful Scarf by Merriel Miller (8-shaft)
  • Cool Breeze by Natalie Drummond (8-shaft)
  • Sashiko-Style Flower Scarf by Phyllis Miller (8-shaft)



  • Spotlight: Nevan Carling: A Champion for Old Looms by Karen Donde 
  • Notes from the Fell: Keeping Records by Tom Knisely
  • Stepping Up: The Adopt-A-Native-Elder Navajo Rug Show & Sale by C. J. Robb
  • Best Practices: Winding a Warp by Susan Bateman and Melissa Parsons
  • Idea Gallery: Translating Doubleknitting to Doubleweave by Yvonne Ellsworth
  • Traditions: Inspired by Sashiko by Phyllis Miller
  • Yarn Lab: A Fine Line: Silk City Fibers by Elisabeth Hill
  • Endnotes: Reflections on Deflection by Janney Simpson