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Handwoven March/April 2020

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Weave a set of towels inspired by the blooms of the eastern redbud trees or a silk scarf designed to resemble peacock feathers with this Flora and Fauna themed issue of Handwoven. In the March/April 2020 issue you’ll find projects inspired by the palette, patterning, and, in one case, the sound made by various plants and animals.  

Also in this issue, you’ll see how Debbie Dudley designed, wove, and constructed a life-size barn owl named Molly; read about Tom Knisely’s love of the black walnut tree; and learn how Elisabeth Hill used Bengala mud dyes to dye cotton yarn with minimal water and supplies. In her Yarn Lab, Kate Lange-McKibben showcases Ra-Ra Raffia as both warp and weft in her samples, while Susan E. Horton uses Universal Yarn’s Yashi raffia yarn in her Traditions project.


Features and Departments:
  • Idea Gallery: Molly the Barn Owl
  • Notes from the Fell: In Praise of the Noble Walnut Tree
  • Always Say Dye: Working with Bengala Mud Dyes
  • Traditions: Raffia Then and Now
  • Yarn Lab: Hurrah for Ra-Ra-Raffia
  • Endnotes: Annapakshi—The Mythical Swan



  • Spider-Weave Scarf by Stefan Moberg (rigid-heddle or 4-shaft)
  • California Quail Call Scarf by Deanna Deeds (8-shaft)
  • Mayuri Scarf by Anu Bhatia (8-shaft)
  • Gilia and Locoweed Shawl by Dorothy Tuthill (8-shaft)
  • Nature’s Simple Elegance by Pattie Graver (2- or 4-shaft)
  • Sword Fern and Horsetail Runner by Cynthia Newman (8-shaft)
  • Blossoms and Butterflies by Barbara Goudsmit (4-shaft)
  • Superbloom Pillows by Morgan Hale (8-shaft)
  • Vibrant Virginia Towels by Rebecca Fox (4-shaft)
  • Birch Bark Tea Towels and Dish Cloths by Nicolle McKenna (2-or 4-shaft)
  • Birches of North Saskatchewan by Brittany Wells (4-shaft)
  • Raffia Placemats by Susan E. Horton (rigid-heddle)