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Handwoven, January/February 1993 Digital Edition

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If you’re looking to learn more about natural dyes, color combinations, and weaving patterns, the January/February 1993 Handwoven magazine is what you need.

All about color in the January/February 1993 issue of Handwoven Magazine!

Color your world (or at least your weaving) with articles on designing with complimentary colors, creating random ikat, and naturally dyeing cotton. Projects include a plaited twill scarf, spot-Bronson napkins, and a bright “Caribbean blues” blanket.

The feature articles of this issue will introduce you to weaving legends and new patterns:

  • Awaken your creativity with colors in tips from weaving master Randall Darwall.
  • Read a children’s tale to inspire a weaver’s creativity in The New Weaver’s Cloth.
  • Discover how designing and afghan for a friend became this weaver’s route to success.
  • Create a vibrant scarf with rainbow-dyed silk bricks.
  • Read about the 1994/1995 yarn forecast.

Enjoy 13 projects to explore new color techniques!

  1. Grand Wash Scarf by Sharon Alderman
  2. Color-Matched Afghan by Elaine Duncan
  3. Complementary Napkins by Beth Johnson
  4. Indian Summer Blanket by Carla Moore
  5. Summer & Winter Felted Vest by Anne Sneary
  6. Caribbean Blues Blanket by Leslie Voiers
  7. Calendar Towel by Margaret Gaynes
  8. Southern Lights Scarf by Pat Wagner Thompson
  9. Colorful Striped Towels by Betsy Morton
  10. Dressy Coat Scarf by Hannelore U. Scott
  11. Plaited Twill Scarf by Patti Diament
  12. Sunset Muffler by Nell Znamierowski
  13. Rainbow Twill Scarf by Yvonne Stahl

Get your copy of the January/February 1993 Handwoven Magazine and start a new project!

Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors

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