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Elegant Embroidery eBook with 5 Beautiful Projects to Stitch

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Elegant Embroidery eBook with 5 Beautiful Projects to Stitch from PieceWork

Welcome to Elegant Embroidery! From counted thread to bead embroidery to needlepoint, this PieceWork eBook will allow you to ply your needle and thread!

We've selected 5 embroidery projects that range in skill level from easy (the needlepoint motif on cuff links) to complex (the counted-thread Morris Impressions pillow). But each will provide hours of stitching delight, along with some very useful finished projects. Ann Caswell's Morris Impressions, inspired by William Morris's Artichoke panel now in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, is a counted thread tour-de-force. The brilliant motif is front and center on the finished pillow to decorate home or office. Sandie Abel loves butterflies, and dark, dramatic mourning cloaks (Nymphalis antiopa) are among her favorites. Her delicately wrought version in bead embroidery looks like it will take flight at any moment. Finished as a pin, the butterfly makes a gorgeous accessory.

Kathy Staples used bands of Spanish stitch patterns from 17th-century English samplers for her exquisite Spanish Stitch Table Linens. If you aren't familiar with Spanish stitch (although you may know it as line, square, Holbein, or double running stitch), working one of the narrow borders is an excellent introduction to the technique. Planning a wedding? Judy Kettner's Needlepoint Cuff Links will be the perfect accent for the male members of the wedding party. The elegant cuff links are worked in continental stitch with silk and wool thread. During the mid-19th century, beading on canvas became exceedingly popular, and many needleworkers used Berlin woolwork patterns for their beading (any needlepoint pattern may be executed in beads). A lovely poppy stands out on the eyeglasses case to bead embroider by Judith Durant.

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