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Long Thread Media

Comprehensive Guide to Designing and Weaving with Blocks eBook

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With the key to block weaves in your hand, you can enter the Palace of Original Design. Without that key, you can only look in its windows. You'll learn how to create your own block profile drafts and how to interpret them in different weave structures, from summer and winter to taqueté to warp rep to doubleweave. The projects in this book will help you understand the theory as well as satisfy your weaver's soul by creating spectacular fabric.


Rotating Blocks for Dynamic Design
Doramay Keasbey [4-6 shafts]

Creating Block Designs for Summer and Winter
Carol Strickler [6 shafts]

Use One Profile Threading for Many Designs
Virginia West [6 shafts]

Designing and Drafting Summer and Winter
Debbie Allen [4 shafts]

Summer and Winter Poppana Table Mat
Janice Jones [4 shafts]

Playing with Blocks: Three Unit Weaves
DeeDee Woodbury [4-10 shafts]

From Rosepath Twills to Block Designs
Beverly Savel [8 shafts]

Four-Block, Four-Shaft Doubleweave Placemats
Doramay Keasbey [4 shafts]

Four-Block, Four-Shaft Doubleweave Throw
Louise Cortelyou [4 shafts]

Designing with Blocks in Warp Rep
Rosalie Neilson [8 shafts]

Ripsmatta Table Runner on Four Shafts
Jean Scorgie [ 4 shafts]

Turned Taqueté for Towels on Four Shafts
Betsy Blumenthal [4 shafts]

Taqueté Rugs on Four or Eight Shafts
Michael F. Rohde [4-8 shafts]

Weft-Faced Block-Weave Rug on Four Shafts
Jean Scorgie and Janice Jones [4 shafts]