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Color and Yarn Design for Spinners Video Download

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Access more than 140 video courses (including this one) with a Long Thread Media All Access subscription, bringing you up close to experts in spinning, weaving, needleworking, felting, and dyeing. View Color and Yarn Design for Spinners on our streaming platform.

Available in HD!

With these simple, inspired approaches, anyone can design yarns that are rich, intriguing, complex, and effective. Deb Menz takes inspiration from the world around her -mother nature, photos, fabrics, anything that pleases her eye - and applies the "more is more" approach to creating fiber blends for spinning stunning single and plied yarns. In this video you'll learn how to:

  • Use a color wheel and value scale
  • Make friends with a few simple principles of color harmony
  • Train your eye to analyze the components of a color
  • Make effective blends for singles and plied yarns
  • And sample, sample, sample with enthusiasm and joy

And finally, how to put it all together in a project that fulfills your dreams. The message and the reality: "You can do this!"

Bonus: Downloadable pdfs of a standard color wheel and value scale

Author/Designer: Deb Menz