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Color and Yarn Design for Spinners Video Download

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With these simple, inspired approaches, anyone can design yarns that are rich, intriguing, complex, and effective. Deb Menz takes inspiration from the world around her -mother nature, photos, fabrics, anything that pleases her eye - and applies the "more is more" approach to creating fiber blends for spinning stunning single and plied yarns. In this video you'll learn how to:

  • Use a color wheel and value scale
  • Make friends with a few simple principles of color harmony
  • Train your eye to analyze the components of a color
  • Make effective blends for singles and plied yarns
  • And sample, sample, sample with enthusiasm and joy

And finally, how to put it all together in a project that fulfills your dreams. The message and the reality: "You can do this!"

Bonus: Downloadable pdfs of a standard color wheel and value scale

Author/Designer: Deb Menz

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