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Best of Handwoven: Rigid-Heddle Technique and Pattern eBook #2

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This little eBook is much more than a pattern book for the rigid-heddle loom—it gives rigid-heddle weavers some very special new skills.

You’ll learn how to thread two heddles so that you can use fine threads at close setts, opening your weaving life to the beautiful fine cottons, silks, and linens that shaft-loom weavers love so well.

You’ll also learn pick-up techniques for weaving patterns in both spot Bronson and Atwater-Bronson lace. Once you understand how pick-up works, you’ll be able to design and weave lace patterns that are far beyond the capacity of a shaft loom (unless shaft-loom weavers use a much more complicated pick-up technique than yours). The shaft loom does not have slot threads, and slots are the source of rigid-heddle pattern magic.

The projects in this eBook include shawls, scarves, table runners, curtains, a top, a vest and more. Plus, these projects use several weave structures including plain weave and log cabin. You will also learn decorative finger controlled techniques including Brook’s bouquet, soumak, and several types of leno.

And for weavers who don’t have a rigid heddle loom? This book is for you, too. All of the projects except one include instructions for shaft looms.

Best of Handwoven: Rigid-Heddle Technique and Pattern eBook