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Best of Handwoven: Honeycomb Technique Series eBook

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Honeycomb weave structure has long been loved by weavers for its “not flat” texture. Most woven cloth is intentionally flat, with grid-like pattern potential, developing in a rectilinear fashion. Honeycomb transcends the usual grid, creating wavy lines and circular cells with three-dimensional depth.
As you will see, a range of threading can be used for honeycomb. If you study all of the weaving in this eBook, you’ll come up with ways to create a honeycomb treadling on the warp of some other project that you are just finishing.


Honeycomb Swatch Collection
Sharon Alderman [8 shafts]

Honeycomb without Floats
Sharon Alderman [8 shafts]

Jellybean Blouse
Louise Bradley [4 shafts]

Baby Bib in Honeycomb
Margaretha Essen-Hedin [4 shafts]

Honeycomb Bedspread
Sarah Fortin [8 shafts]

Honeycomb Vest
Sally Gelbaugh [4 shafts]

Country Harvest Placemats
Linda Ligon [4 shafts]

Honeycomb Bag
Su Bleiweiss [4 shafts]

Show Off Yarn with Honeycomb
Suzie Liles [4 shafts]

Rigid-Heddle Honeycomb Runner
Jane Patrick [4 shafts]

Honeycomb Laptop and iPod Covers
Barbara Wainwright [4 shafts]

Honeycomb Pillow
Jane Patrick [4 shafts]

Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors