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Best of Handwoven: Summer and Winter eBook

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Weavers love summer and winter because it opens up a world of design with just four shafts. Even better, summer and winter produces a fabric that is reversible with a typically lighter (or summer) side and a darker (or winter) side that makes playing with colors irresistible. Inside this Best of Handwoven eBook you’ll find 11 beautiful projects for both 4-shaft and 8-shaft looms that represent some of the best summer and winter projects from Handwoven magazine.
Plus, if you are looking for more weaving summer and winter instruction, this eBook is also available with the purchase of Madelyn Van de Hoogt’s Video, Weaving Summer and Winter.



Summer and Winter Colorplay
Anne Dixon

Technicolor Picnic Cloth
Tracy Kaestner

Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall
Kate Lange-McKibben

Run of Linen Runners
Vicki Tardy

Multicolored Summer and Winter
Sarah Jackson

Drawstring Game Bags
Joan Sheridan Hoover

Summer Shawl
Sarah Saulson

Sheep Towels
Georgean Curran

Summer and Winter Towels
Georgean Curran

Poly-chrome Vest Fabric
Yvonne Stahl with Helen McKee

Summer and Winter Throws
Julie McClure

Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors