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Long Thread Media

A Good Yarn: Fiber and Yarn Characteristics OnDemand Webinar

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As a weaver it can be difficult to know what fiber to choose when starting on a new project. Every fiber has unique characteristics that will create very different fabrics. So where do you even begin to decide?

That’s where Laura Fry can help! She is here to help you understand a variety of fibers in this live webinar event. She will show you the characteristics of common yarn fibers that many weavers work with as well as help you get a better understanding of yarn construction, cloth construction, and ultimately learning to pick the best yarn for your projects.

In this live webinar you will learn:

  • The fiber characteristics of cotton, flax (linen), wool, silk, and rayon.
  • About burn tests and results for each fiber listed above
  • The characteristics of woolen and worsted yarns and how they are constructed
  • About cloth construction, from high and low density thread count to absorbency

Author/Designer: Laura Fry