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Long Thread Media

Winter Weaves Pattern Collection

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Weave 5 great gift for everyone on your list with 5 weaving patterns in one collection!

Create fabulous gifts for everyone on your list with 5 weaving winter weaving projects! With 2, 4, 6, and 8-shaft loom projects you will be able to create these fun gifts for everyone on your list. Utilizing overshot and snowflake twill you'll be able to show off your skills while creating stunning weaving projects!

Sparkling Snowflake Runner Weaving Project
By Lyn Lucas
Have you always been fascinated with the beauty and complexity of the advancing twill patterns called snowflake twills? Create a sparkling snowflake runner the perfect yarn and specialty thread combo! Use white laceweight bamboo from Habu that's as white as new-fallen snow and Sulky's Silver Metallic with it's wonderful, sparkling, reflective qualities to weave the most beautiful holiday runner.

American Snowflake Scarf
By Jan Josifek
The 8-shaft Swedish Snowflake design has been popular since Mary Atwater first published it under that name in the August 1945 issue of Shuttle Craft Bulletin. Russell Groff published several versions in the 1960s and 1970s, and it became even more popular after a rewritten version of Atwater's draft appeared in Weaver's in 1991. This 6-shaft draft has the complex interest of the 8-shaft version, but with slightly shorter floats of 5 rather than 6 threads, and the advantage of a shorter threading sequence. Create a gorgeous scarf with this unique "modified" American snowflake structure.

Elegant Gamp Lab Robe
By Suzie Liles
Weavers often think of gamps mainly as study projects, a way to experiment with pattern and color. Often we combine the two to produce gamps that are wild in every way. Twill is made for gamps because it offers so many possible threadings and treadlings with just a few shafts. Create a cozy gamp that is more than just a study project. Weave a throw with the two stunning colors that will also be a sophisticated accent for your home.

Log Cabin Runner
by Tracy Kaestner
Almost everyone on your holiday list would love a decorative table runner, especially if it is handwoven by you! This runner would be the best gift to give as Log cabin's subtle pattern of vertical and horizontal stripes can harmonize with dishes and other items without overwhelming the recipient. Choose any two colors and wrap the threads side by side on a ruler to see how they blend to get the perfect look for any decor.

Bertha's Towels
by Pattie Graver
Pattie Graver's interest in the miniature overshot drafts of Bertha Gray Hayes began when Amanda Cutler posted a very modern-looking sample on the Weaving Today website. She was intrigued by the modern look, and she was off to my studio. She also found inspiration in the work of Susan Wilson who introduced her to the amazing world of treadling variations. Pattie learned that one could wring a lot out of a 4-shaft loom and that weave structures can be "pushed around."