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Long Thread Media

Waffle-Weave Baby Blanket Weaving Pattern Download

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Weaving a baby blanket for an expected child is always a great joy for a weaver. Designer, Suzie Liles, wove these blankets for her granddaughter, Lillian, before she was born. As she wove, she kept her ultrasound photo and a photo of her son and his wife taped to the castle of her loom. Woven into the blankets are all her wishes and prayers for her and the life ahead of her. You can share in this rewarding experience for your future little ones with this adorable waffle-weave baby blanket pattern.

Structure: Waffle weave.
Number of Shafts Required: 4-Shaft Pattern
Finished Dimensions: One hemmed baby blanket, 40" by 40".
Yarn: Warp and weft: 52% bamboo, 43% superwash merino wool, 5% combed silk at 3,000 yd/lb (204 yd/50g), Panda Silk, (Cotton Clouds), 2,460 yd Baby Face #5111 (variegated lavender, blue-green, yellow) or Mint Cream #3008 (blue-green).
Warp Ends: 667 (includes 2 floating selvedges).
Warp Length: 21/4 yd (allows 4" for take-up, and 27" loom waste).
Setts: EPI: 15. PPI: 15.
Width in the Reed: 441/2".
Take-Up and Shrinkage: 12% in width, 15% in length.
Originally Published: Handwoven, January/February 2011.