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Long Thread Media

Twelve Months of Ornaments eBook

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Each monthly seasonal ornament pattern will let you enjoy needlecrafting with us all year. Relax, try a new craft, or savor a familiar craft in quick-to-accomplish projects that are a pleasure to make. It has been so much fun for us at Long Thread Media to work together on these ornaments, and we hope you’ll share your finished pieces using #pieceworkmagazine. We can’t wait to see them!


  • Brrr Ornament to Stitch Laura Rintala
  • A Bouquet of Irish Crochet Roses Original design by Linda Ligon, adapted by Tiffany Warble
  • Knit a Miniature Sweater Original design by Madeline KellerKing, adapted by Debbie Blair
  • A Spring Topiary Garden in Biedermaier Embroidery Pat Olski
  • Grama’s Rose Garden Katrina King
  • A Rosy Summer Ornament in Biedermaier Embroidery Pat Olski
  • A Jaunty Tassel Anne Merrow
  • Hanging Garden of Violets Ornament Original design by Adeline Cordet, adapted by Tiffany Warble
  • Tat a Reading Medallion Katrina King
  • A Mini Pumpkin Hat to Knit Pat Olski
  • A Poppy of Remembrance Angela K. Schneider
  • A Winter Wreath in Silk-Ribbon Embroidery Pat Olski
  • Bonus: A Vintage Picot Snowflake Pattern Adapted by Tiffany Warble
  • Bonus: A Tatted Holiday Wreath Adapted by Katrina King