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Top Ten Towels On Eight Shafts: A Project Collection eBook

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Top Ten Towels on Eight Shafts is the second project collection in our new series: Best of Handwoven. There are actually more than twenty towels in Top Ten Towels on Eight Shafts since several very different looking towels can be produced on the same threading in some of the projects. Not all of the towels require eight shafts; some use five or six. All of them, however, show the advantages in design and use of weave structure provided by more than four shafts. You can weave pictures, like the borders of sheep in Georgeann Curran's summer and winter towels, for example, or of Christmas trees and Santa Clauses in Kathy Bright's rosepath towels. Or you can use Kathleen Farling's eight-shaft twill threading for eight completely different-looking twill towels. There are towels in traditional M's and O's, towels in variations of lace, towels in undulating twill. You'll love this resource to turn to whenever you need a quick handwoven gift or a lovely weaving experience.


Cottonwood-Leaf Towels
Sharon Alderman

Towels as Gamps
Kathleen Farling

Sunny Towel Set
Margaretha Essén-Heden

Sheep Towels
Georgean Curran

8-Shaft Summer and Winter Towels
Georgean Curran

Quilt Block Towels
Mark Wilhite

Simple Gift Towels
Sharon Al derman

Christmas Holly Towels
Robin Harness

Christmas Rose path Towels
Kathy Bright

Red Snowflake Towels
Rosemary Malbin