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Best of Handwoven: Top Ten Table Runners on Four Shaft eBook

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New Best of Handwoven ebook - TOP TEN TABLE RUNNERS on Four Shafts! Table runners are favorite projects for weavers: they use almost any structure or pattern, are simple woven rectangles, require little finishing, can go almost anywhere in your house, and make great gifts. This collection from the first twenty years of Handwoven includes a wide range of structures, colors, and table runner patterns--all stellar examples of each. There's a dramatic doubleweave/log cabin combination, a unique variation of M's and O's, Swedish lace, warp rep, overshot inlay, supplementary warp, and more--all on only four shafts.


Runner in Four-Shaft, Four-Block Double weave
Jean Scorgie with Gloria Martin

Table Runner with Twill and Leno Borders
Linda Ligon

Holiday Table Runner with Warp Stripes
Maj-Britt Mobrand

Dal Dräll Runner with Warp Patterning
Nancy Klein

Harvest Berry Runner in Warp Rep
Jean Scorgie

Runner in M’s and O’s and Color-and-Weave
Beth Ross Johnson

Swedish Lace Runner: Simple Elegance
Donna Muller

Windowpane Holiday Runner in Log Cabin
Sr. Joan Marie Lovett

Four-Sided Borders with Overshot Inlay
Jean Scorgie

A Run of Runners in Plaids and Lace
Marjie Thompson