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Spinning Energized Yarns Video Download

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Take your spinning and knitting to a new level--harness the energy in your yarn for lively yarns and lively fabrics. Kathryn Alexander has mastered the nuances of twist for incredible results in her stunning handspun knits and here she is to show you how to do it, too. As spinners we have unique opportunities to design the yarns we want for the effects we desire. Go beyond selecting the fiber type, color, grist, and texture of your yarn to manage the twist energy in the yarn to create complex, textured surfaces. Once you understand how to spin and control your lively yarns, you'll be ready to knit one-of-a-kind fabrics that are pure magic.

This video will:

  • Guide you through choosing the fiber that will give you the most beautiful, crisp fabric surfaces.
  • Help you choose appropriate drafting techniques.
  • Show you how to spin both Z-twist and S-twist singles.
  • Show you how to manage these high-twist yarns so that the energy remains present and manageable as you work.
  • Demonstrate the effects of finishing fresh and at-rest singles in both the skein and swatch-- you'll see the twist in action.
  • Provides examples of what the energy does to create beautiful surface texture in knitted fabrics.
  • And much more.

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