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Spinner's Questions with Rita Buchanan eBook

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Spinning yarn skillfully and intentionally involves many variables - the particular material at hand, the mechanics of the spinning device, the intended use of the yarn, physical attributes of the spinner, some would even argue phases of the moon. Some spinners approach their work as a science, making careful decisions about twists per inch and wheel ratios and treadles per minute; others approach it as an art, relying on touch and intuition and a degree of fate.
In any case, spinning is fraught with questions. Some spinners rely on handed-down lore for their answers, some on industrial standards. Master spinner Rita Buchanan approaches the craft with analysis, pragmatism, and extensive experience. In this collection of Q & A from back issues of Spin-Off magazines, you'll find a wealth of practical advice and food for thought. Whatever your approach to spinning, you'll learn a thing or two.

Author/Designer: Rita Buchanan